Dave, meet vinyl. Vinyl, Dave.


Whatever you do, make sure it interests you. Alot of what I say on here shames changes, so I figured I’d at least point out an example of a positive change.
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Half-Day Hip-Hop

I plugged my speakers in, dropped the needle, and pressed start. Something clicked. I was hooked.

You know that moment when you first realize you really like something (i.e. – an activity, a movie, the clam chowder from that place the next town over)? It’s almost like someone just flipped the light switch in your head, and you suddenly found yourself exposed to this really cool and interesting portion of you that you didn’t realize was there. Maybe this thing has been sitting right in front of you for a while now, and for whatever reason, you’ve finally decided to take a closer look at it.

It’s brilliant, isn’t it? Turns out there’s more to that head of yours than Call of Duty and that weird thing your friend can do with his thumbs.

Nothing reminds me more of that moment than my relationship with vinyl. You see, my father…

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Gamechange thought of the week: Ditsy females


As anyone who has read this blog knows, it has a big social component to it; because the way people act is one thing that often changes throughout history. That said, the link above is to the new horrendous record titled “#Selfies” by The Chainsmokers. Now this song stands for just about everything I hate about our generation: it falls under the techno genre and represents a fad that, to say the least, I’m not the biggest fan of.

While I absolutely hate almost all techno, and mostly any fully electronic-oriented music, I will absolutely give credit where its due. And this song, unexpectedly deserves credit. Not for how it sounds, because I could only listen to it once since I did not want to risk blowin my head off, but for what it represents. The song may seem to represent a superficial girl who is obsessed with selfies and other modern fads, but I believe (and hope) that this track was really meant as satire. I believe it aims to cause some sort of reflection for the female youth and  intends to show some of them just how stupid they sound when they act like the girl in the video.

While the song is no doubt meant to be a techno hit, I fear that its’ underlying satirical message will be lost in translation and to a certain extent backfire; causing some girls to even act like the girl in the video. A similar thing happened with Frank and Moon Zappa’s 1982 song “Valley Girl”. The song was made to poke fun at the ditsy attitude of the then popular Valley Girl culture. However, it backfired to extreme proportions when girls all across the country started talking like that because they heard it in the song.

In closing, I would say that it seems that some things don’t change. That’s not to say that females as a whole haven’t changed; it just seems that many parallels can be drawn between the Valley girl’s narration from the 80’s, and the Selfie girl’s narration from 2014, meaning: superficial girls don’t change. My hypothesis could be wrong, because 32 years is not long for mankind in general, so i’ll rephrase that to they haven’t changed in 32 years. But there is a positive to draw from this comparison, which is that maybe our generation isn’t as bad as everyone makes us out to be. But then again, we probably are.

Story Time


Once upon a time there was a place that promised liberty and equality for all, and for the most part held true to that promise. The people were self-absorbed and not as smart as they should be; yet they still had a sense of pride allowing them to be the best in their own minds. They had all the technology one could ask for, yet loved to complain when there were simple malfunctions. The economy was terrible and the environment was slipping, but in general they all still had what they needed. Before long the internet started to go away, and girls began to wear less revealing clothes. Music became more creative and not everyone had mobile phones. People generally tended to act similar, but as these changes went on they slightly became more independent, as they now had to keep phone books to keep track of phone numbers, and didn’t have the liberty of seeing who was calling their home. The television channels were lessened and the quality was too. If they wanted to watch movies they had to be kind and rewind for the next person. Their clothes became baggy and bright, and their hair fashion was bizarre. The radio became more free and the music channel played music. Soon after, a new epidemic by the name of disco blew up, which was sure to never die. People wore afros and bellbottoms and big brimmed glasses. These times seemed great, at least from the outside, but unfortunately soon after things would go south. Only a few years later, into the next decade, racism ran rampant. People fighting for equality were killed for sticking up for their freedoms guaranteed by the foundation of this place; and yes unfortunately, disco was gone, along with most color tv’s. Men were men, and women were women, children were well-disciplined at this point in the story, as they’d all be smacked if they weren’t. This decade and the next  things stayed quite similar, until later one day televisions were gone. Soon after they became the strongest place in the world with the victory of a great war. Then many of their young men were drafted to fight, with no choice like they had at the start of the story. After that, we sat back and watched the world go to war, wondering to join, but before long, peace came; but the people became depressed, as their economy hit an all time low, that would make the beginning of the story’s situation look like nothing. After a few years, the depression went away and Things were great the next few years, the times were roaring. But those times didn’t last long before another military victory, followed by a fight, and finally the world splitting up and picking sides once again. Soon enough things settled down, and automobiles went away. Big corporations began running the manufacturing industry, and started making identical products again, but the people making the products reaped little benefits at all. But before long cars were back, people mostly drove Fords. The industrialization soon ended and african americans were freed from slavery, followed by a victory of the top side in a civil war. Unfortunately, they soon went back to their shackles, as a war broke out to determine their fate. Afterwards there was some serious tension between the top and the bottom for years and years, but it faded decades later, into a united sense of joy. Men sat in a room and decided to draft up the rights for such a place, which they envisioned to be the best place ever. After the congress disbanded people were celebrating the victory of a war they saw coming, which they were to triumph over the red guys, sent from their big brother. Just as they celebrated, this place won the war. But not long after, the red bullies were once again present, generating fear; until they finally left, once the population shrank significantly. In fact at this point there were only a few different towns left. They had abandoned all technology and many of the complications from the past, and all they hung on to was the faith that they had, and their right to express it any way they wanted. These people were perhaps the luckiest of all, because they had all they wanted, as far as they could know, since history of the complex, technolgically-based past had gone away as well. I guess it makes sense to say that ignorance is bliss, because these people were just happy to be alive, and would be so grateful to learn how to read. I guess in this case, people really did become smarter over time, who knows how it would have turned out had things happened in a different order

Round-up (Freedom torches)



Alright it’s no secret that smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is highly frowned upon, nor do i disagree with the movement. As a smoker myself, i agree that it is a terrible habit, a weak form of dependency and clearly a bad example to others. I can still remember being in health class in elementary school learnin the dangers of smoking and goin home to my parents lightin up butts as a bi-hourly ritual. Thing is, when i say that, some people will picture my upbringing in some sort of a broken home, when thats not the case at all, it’s simply the connotation of cigarette smokers that exists today. See, smokin ciggs is clearly not a good habit to get in to, and the new laws in our beloved state of MA really aim to get that point across. Sure it’s wikipedia, and therefore maybe not the most critically acclaimed source, but if your from MA you’ll realize that at least that portion of the entry is true due to your memory of what happened. And for the most part, i agree with those laws; shit smoking cigarettes inside makes the place smell awful, who wants that. Not to mention if you dont smoke it must be twice as annoying. My problem isn’t that, because anyone born in at least 1992 knows when u used to get to the restaurant they’d ask your parents “smokin or non smoking?” (actually a terrible example of what i’m getting into, but at the very least still a flashback) and i hated the smell just as much as alot of people do now. But what i feel is a problem, is that now if you choose to smoke, even outside, in most places, you’re frowned upon. It’s no secret that this country was partially originally funded by the tobacco export, even CNN’s website will still come clean about that

The first successful commercial crop was cultivated in Virginia in 1612 by Englishman John Rolfe. Within seven years, it was the colony’s largest export. Over the next two centuries, the growth of tobacco as a cash crop fueled the demand in North America for slave labor.

Easy thing to say is well kid, all that says is that it fueled the slave labor, but the fact is, is that back then if they had automotive factories for example, slaves would have been workin in there. That takes nothing away from how f***ed up slavery was, it merely states that slavery was the easiest way to keep the ‘would-be’ United States’ most lucrative business even more lucrative, as they didn’t have to pay slaves. The point is it was mostly what we were founded upon. Yes, years later we found out that tobacco was terrible for peoples’ lungs and well being in general. And yes it seems that you would have to be stupid to start smoking nowadays; but i don’t think that smokers should be treated like they are.  I can’t tell you how many times i have been minding my own business, smoking a cigarette in a disclosed area with nobody around, only to be harassed by a campus security officer telling me to walk a half a mile to the sidewalk before i was “allowed” to finish my cigarette. Now not smoking inside: 100% understandable. Not smoking outside with people around that want no part in it: shit i’ll give it to you. But if someone is just trying to smoke a cigarette alone in peace with nobody at all around (besides the person telling them they shouldn’t) then i really don’t see the problem. The thing is, almost all smoking bans rely on passer-byers to “peer pressure” the people who do smoke to stop doing so as stated by Ohio State, and mimicked by Westfield State, which I attend.

The new smoking ban at Ohio State University will rely on peer pressure, not punishment, to stop smokers from lighting up on campus.

Students will return from winter break on Monday under a new policy that forbids any tobacco use on university property. But rather than penalize violators, the new rules rely on passers-by to remind smokers politely of the ban.

That’s an admirable cause.Only flaw i’ve come across is the people “politely reminding” me not to smoke, were kind of assholes about it. R.A.’s and such, there’s nothing polite about the way they told me not to do so. Look I was fully aware that there was no true penalty for smoking on campus, but the real penalty is that these people will not shut the f*** up if you try to ignore them (ignoring somebody giving you a problem USED to be called being the bigger person, but i supposed that’s not all that has changed) they are not content until you put your cigarette out, which obviously i do because,unlike them, I don’t want any trouble. In short, this “law” of banning tobacco on campuses is unethical for 2 reasons. 1: it creates vigilantes, due to the fact that it relies on peers to “peer pressure” people into stopping smoking (thought peer pressure was frowned upon?). 2. Under that same philosophy, does that mean that a campus could legalize marijuana if it felt justified in doing so? Because banning something legal, and legitimizing something illegal aren’t so different, are they?
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The game has changed




So i’m sure everyone has heard of the Michael Sam story because it’s pretty much everywhere. For those who havent, Sam plays defense on the Missouri collegiate football team and is more than likely to be drafted within the first 4 rounds of the NFL draft; but there’s a catch, he recently came out confirming himself as an open homosexual. Well gay people are everywhere so it shouldn’t be a big deal, but since he’s the first confirmed (potential) NFL player the media’s been havin a field day with the story. And in the modern day Michael Sam has the right to be openly gay am i right? Well, taking a look at the quote in the above picture and reading once more on the New York Times website, Michaels father openly disagrees with his son’s homosexuality: 

Last Tuesday, Michael Sam Sr. was at a Denny’s near his home outside Dallas to celebrate his birthday when his son sent him a text message. Dad, I’m gay, he wrote. The party stopped cold. “I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. said. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment. “I’m old school,” he added. “I’m a man-and-a-woman type of guy.” As evidence, he pointed out that he had taken an older son to Mexico to lose his virginity.

Now look, I have no problem with homosexuality, which is my personal opinion. Sam Sr. does have a problem with homosexuality. As an american citizen, which he is, he has the right to voice his opinion and that’s how he feels. So the fact that the media and everyone wants to call him ignorant and not understanding is quite honestly bullshit. Not too long ago the roles were reversed and people were ridiculed for being, or being for, homosexual(ity). But we ultimately distinguished that it was wrong to ridicule people for their feelings and beliefs. Now that homosexuality is prevalent, this man voices his opinion that he disagrees with it and is ridiculed (maybe im overusing that word but it gets the point across) for doing so. No, that’s not how it works, you either welcome all opinions or you welcome none. Do i agree with his opinion?: No. But I am at least not gunna assume the role of playing God like most other people and evaluate him as “wrong”. Do you think John Adams liked the idea of defending the British soldiers responsible for the Boston Massacre? He did it because he understood that if we’re going to build a country like what we have today, that everyone had the right to a fair trial. And everyone should be able to voice their opinions without being bashed for it. A wise book once read “Instead of saying ‘They don’t understand’ say ‘They disagree'” . In closing I ask, are you better than him because you’re questioning his opinion of questioning the majority’s opinion? (that makes sense, if you don’t get the question, read it again slowly) 
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Daddy, where did selfies come from?



Well old sport, the answer to this question is quite simple and actually involves no research at all. People have been arrogant and self-obsessed since the beginning of time. The only thing that changed is that in days of old, people had to actually have talent and paint self-portaits. (if they really felt they were so important that they needed to incarnate another visualization of themselves.) After that, when cameras came out, they invented the delay button on the camera, to ensure that nobody wuld be left out of the picture; giving the one activating the camera enough time to get in the frame. As you can imagine old sport, folks wuld sometimes exploit that ability and.. you guessed it, the selfie game went on. And nowadays the selfie game is out of control. And i know in school they teach you that men and women can act how they want, and that is for the most part true. But another thing that’s true is that it is acceptable for girls/women to take selfies. If you are a man and you take selfies I will kick you out of the house old sport and you’ll have to go stay at the Stevens’s. Now run along to bed and remember what i told you.
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A man of my word



I said i’d get to it this weekend, by God i got to it this weekend. The new pic is up, which I pretty much just stole the logo from that awful show on TBS and made a couple appropriate changes. Considderin i don’t hav photoshop and had to do it with microsoft paint i think it came out pretty good. But in honor of keepin it honest, it really wasn’t that hard. Ironically i’m only halfway a man of my word, because i almost solidified a picture of Jordan for my pic, but bottom line was that I said I’d do one and I did. And you know what, Lincoln told half-truths too. He wanted to win the war to secure the union, when he played it off like it was all about the abolishonist movement. In fact, he was once quoted with sayin in a letter to Horace Greeley:  “My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.” (http://www.quebecoislibre.org/08/080815-2.htm)
So i guess nobody’s perfect. That said, the preservation of the union did lead to the abolishment of slavery, so he does still get partial credit. (just like me changing my picture, even if not to what i exactly said i would change it to, but the end result was what i actually originally promised, which is that i’d change it) On a serious note though, shoutout to the north for winning the war and gettin the slaves freed. Livin in a diverse community is much more interesting and i dont think i need to stress the fact that we all deserve equality. Hashtag: change number 1. more to come folks